Mastering Home & Professional Makeup Applications & Techniques Bundle



This bundle combines the best of these three popular courses:

Becoming a Professional Makeup Artist for Film and Television e-Learning Course

Mastering Makeup Application Techniques at Home e-learning Course

Special Effects I – Creating Special Effects (fx) Makeup for Film e-learning Training Course

Do you have a passion for makeup and always wondered how you could turn this into a lucrative career?  Are all your friends and family members always asking you to apply their makeup because they love the way you make them look? All woman want to look beautiful at all times.   It seems that some people can expertly apply makeup every day for a polished, flawless look and look great at all special occasions but that isn’t necessarily all of us.  Most women have never been trained on how to do makeup properly.  A makeup artist knows all the tricks to make you look your best for everyday makeup for day and evening and special occasions.  

This unique bundle will take you from mastering home makeup applications and techniques to getting started on a career as a professional makeup artist and introducing you to the exciting world of Special FX makeup techniques like transforming actors into monsters, zombies and mastering horror and crime scene effects.



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