Grip & Electric 101


Beginning filmmakers are often assigned to departments other than they had anticipated once on a film shoot.  In having to wear many hats, these are things that everyone, regardless to which department you may be assigned, that you must know the order to be successful.  Without this “must know” knowledge you could be embarrassed, if not fired. This course is designed for anyone who wants to work on a set.

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In this course we will explore the basic concepts, equipment and conduct associated with a role in the Grip, Lighting or Electric department on a film or video set. This introductory course will give you all of the tools you need to step onto set for your first day as a G&E PA or Gofer with full confidence. This seminar includes detailed discussions of set protocol and etiquette, equipment demonstrations and other helpful information for working on set.

This course covers everything you’ll need to know before your first day on set working in the Lighting, Grip or Electrical department.

Topics in this course include:

  • Equipment setup & handling specific to each department
  • Lingo & terminology
  • Positions & set hierarchy
  • Safety
  • Set expectations & etiquette


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