Becoming a Film or TV Casting Director


Are you a people person who is always “networking” everywhere you go?
Do you have a great memory?
Have you been told you have a knack for always identifying the right person for a job?
Do you possess excellent communication skills?

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Casting Directors organize the casting (selecting) of Actors for all roles in a film. The casting director is responsible for working with the Director and Producer to understand their requirements. The casting director “finds & discovers” talent, makes recommendations, and handles auditions and casting sessions. Once the film is cast, he or she also oversees contracts and other negotiations and works closely with the director and with actors and their agents. Become a Film of Casting Director course is instructed by Brandon Rodriguez. As a casting director, Brandon is an advocate for actors – his passion for actors and their craft is evidenced by both his approach in the room and the material with which he chooses to align himself. Drawing on his early experiences as an actor, he takes great care to create a safe, creative, and collaborative environment for actors. Ultimately, he is committed to cultivating a mutual quest for verisimilitude. Instructor – Brandon Rodriguez

During this course, you will learn how to:

  • Effective networking and making the right connections
  • The art of Offers and Deal Making
  • Finding the right actors for the right roles quickly and easily
  • Reading with Actors
  • Running Audition Sessions
  • Understanding SAG-AFTRA Contracts and Protocol
  • Value of relationship building
  • Mastering excellent communication skills to communicate like a pro
  • Mastering negotiation skills
  • Learn the organizational skills to juggle projects and keep them all on track
  • Memorizing script details, actor abilities and contact names
  • Building your business
  • Mastering patience and persistence


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