Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101


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In this course we will be covering a wide variety of topics. From the fundamentals of creating your YouTube channel, to best practices to help your channel grow, Rick will take the time to explain the topics in depth in easy to understand terms. This course was designed for someone who is either brand new to YouTube or has a small channel but doesn’t really know what to do to help it take off. You simply do not have to be a video creating expert to be able to grow a following on YouTube. If you follow the tips and tricks included in this course your channel will improve.

Topics discussed in this course:

How to choose your YouTube name
How to interact with subscribers
Learning from your competition to improve your videos
Tips on how you should appear to help boost your channel’s growth
How often you should post new content
And more…
There are many users on YouTube who will give you great information about how to improve your channel, but not many of them will lay things out in an easy to understand way. The information here is organized in an easy to follow course to help you learn what you need to get out there and create awesome videos. The end goal is to get you creating great content and implement best practices so that your channel takes the right steps to grow sooner.

Module 1: Welcome to the course
Module 2: What Will Your Channel Be About?
Module 3: Recording Device
Module 4: Your Competition
Module 5: Your Normal Video Formula
Module 6: Your Appearance
Module 7: Your Personality On Camera
Module 8: Beware of Copywritten Content
Module 9: Elements To Make Your Channel and Videos Better – Part 1
Module 10: Elements To Make Your Channel and Videos Better – Part 2
Module 11: Sound Quality
Module 12: Post Schedule
Module 13: Doing Too Much
Module 14: Community Interaction
Module 15: Trolls
Module 16: Fancy Equipment Or Not?
Module 17: Patience
Module 18: Closing out the course