Massage Therapy


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Have you ever wanted to learn massage therapy? This introduction to massage therapy includes the history of massage, basics of anatomy, physiology and the basic structure and function of the human body’s muscular and skeletal systems. Students will learn the skills to help clients’ recovery from injury, relieve pain, ease the harmful effects of stress, and live a healthier life.

The course breaks down in detail basic and advanced massage techniques. This course covers, Deep Tissue massage, Swedish massage, Sports massage, Thai-yoga massage, Prenatal massage, Foot massage, Neck massage, Indian Scalp massage, Facelift massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone massage, Geriatric massage, and much more. There are also bonus procedures you’ll receive in this course, like Aromatherapy, Cranial Sacral therapy, Shiatsu, and Lymph drainage.

Module 1 – Introduction To Massage
1.1 Course And Instructor Introduction
1.2 History of Massage
1.3 Aromatherapy
1.4 Equipment
1.5 Lymph Drainage prt1
1.6 Lymph Drainage prt2
1.7 Cranial Sacral Therapy prt1
1.8 Cranial Sacral Therapy prt2
1.9 Reflexology prt1
1.10 Reflexology prt2
1.11 Deep Tissue Massage prt1
1.12 Deep Tissue Massage prt2
1.13 Swedish Massage prt1
1.14 Swedish Massage prt2
1.15 Prenatal Massage prt1

Module 2 – Demonstrations
2.1 Infant massage
2.2 Anatomy
2.3 Thai-yoga massage
2.4 Foot Massage
2.5 Neck Massage
2.6 Facelift Massage
2.7 Indian Scalp Massage

Module 3 – Demonstrations Continued
3.1 Sports Massage demo
3.2 Full Body Massage demo
3.3 Hot Stone Massage demo
3.4 Cellulite Treatment demo
3.5 Lomi Lomi demo
3.6 Shiatsu demo
3.7 Geriatric demo
3.8 Summary of Massage