Adobe Premiere Rush


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Adobe Premiere Rush is a video editing software that is meant to create videos quickly and with ease. Although it is more simplified than the related Adobe Premiere Pro, it is a very robust program that can do powerful high-quality editing. A key advantage to Rush is the ease of use and the relatively minimal amount of learning curve to master it for the average computer-savvy user. Another distinct advantage is the ability to share your video projects directly to your social media channels from the program. In fact, you can even schedule your videos to be posted to your social media profiles at a later date. This allows you to be working ahead and have your projects post at regular intervals rather than posting them all the moment you are finished. Rush is intuitive and allows most people to understand how it works with only a few short lessons. If you are already familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro then you will have no problems learning the tools of Adobe Premiere Rush right away. The layouts of both programs are very similar, but Adobe Premiere Rush simplifies many of the tools and menus to allow quick editing and fast turn around times. This is a key advantage to users who need to make a lot of content and to do it regularly. Adobe Premiere Rush also allows you to edit on your computer or your mobile device, and even go back and forth between the two. This is the perfect tool for anyone with a diverse workflow and who creates a lot of content for social media.

What you will learn: Understanding the layout and tools of Adobe Premiere Rush. Understanding common video capture techniques and resolution. Learning how to import and edit video as well as audio. Learning how to apply color effects, transitions, and titles. Creating animated titles and graphics. Learning how to export video at a high quality and post to different channels at once.

The course is intended for people who need to create video projects quickly and at a high quality. People who need to create video content for social media channels that look professional. Creative professionals that need an editing platform that syncs with mobile devices and desktop computers.