How to Start Your Own Fashion Brand

Have you ever wanted to start your own brand?
Have you dreamed about seeing your designs on the Runway?
Do you dream about new clothing designs?
Do you want to walk by a boutique and see your brand proudly displayed in their window?

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Course Information

Teresa Washington, a professional in the retail/fashion industry for a little over 15 years, is ready to guide you through a very comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on starting your own fashion brand. You will learn how to get started and what you need to get started to start a fashion brand. Teresa will explain the difference between outsourcing production versus local production for your merchandise. She will also get into to promoting your brand and how to sell your products. This course will teach you the “how to techniques” as well as the business concepts you need to become successful in starting your fashion brand.

During this course, you will learn the following :

  • How to Get Started
  • Start Up Costs
  • Fund Your business
  • How to Chose your Target market
  • Channels of Distribution
  • Production (Outsourcing vs. Local)
  • Pricing your brand
  • Fabric Selection (where to shop for Fabrics)
  • Important questions to ask when purchasing material
  • Retail/Wholesale Pricing
  • Promoting your Brand
  • Which Tradeshows should I attend?
  • Brick & Mortar vs. E-commerce
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Meet our expert

  • Teresa Washington

    Teresa Washington is a Dayton, Ohio Native, lived in Cincinnati for 20 years before relocating to Illinois 6 years ago. Teresa has been in the Retail/Fashion industry a little over 15 years, certified Image Consultant, owned and operated a successful Boutique (brick & Mortar and E-commerce) Opened a first Members Only Wholesale/Retail Showroom in Chicago, designed and launched three successful women’s apparel brands along with an accessories line which all are being carried in Specialty boutiques Nationwide. Teresa is ready to guide you through a very comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on starting your own fashion brand.


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