Film Producer Fundamentals

Do you have a burning desire to make a movie?
Do you handle pressure calmly?
Do you have the type of personality that commands authority?
Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit that loves launching new ventures?
Do you have excellent communication skills?
Do you have a “can do” attitude and a great ability to solve problems?
Do you have a deep determination that allows you to meet and exceed goals?

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Course Information

A film producer is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the creation and production of a film. A film producer must have a clear vision of a film or story and can see the project from its early conception stage to its final product. Depending on the size of a project, a producer will wear many hats and most possess unique skill sets. Film producers handle a variety of responsibilities including selecting a script, coordinating writing, directing and editing, and arranging financing.

  • What is a Video Producer?
  • What is an Executive Producer
  • What is a Creative Producer
  • Producer Roles & Responsibility
  • Staying within the budget
  • Putting out fires that will happen (constantly behind the scenes),
  • Understanding the ins and outs of every department,
  • Staying on Schedule
  • Making sure the client is happy (deep breath)
  • What is a Unit Production Manager, Production Coordinator, Talent Producer, Location Producer, Office Producer, Line Producer
  • Understanding Contracts, permits, release forms, talent agency contracts, SAG contracts, invoices paid, location releases
  • Budget actualization in real-time to make sure we are staying in budget,
  • Getting overages approved by the agency or client (that will happen)
  • Making sure my DP, Director and AD are “good to go” before my director calls the first action of the day.
  • Various Producer Roles
  • Various Producer Industries
  • Commercials
  • Reality TV
  • Scripted TV
  • Film Producing
  • Documentary Producing
  • News/Sports/Broadcast Producing
  • Video Game Industry Producting
  • Freelance Producers
  • Employment opportunities with a Video Production Company
  • Employment opportunities with an Ad Agency
  • Employment opportunities with an Internal Marketing Departments
  • Employment opportunities with a Network
  • Entrepreneur producers who own their own company
  • Sample Production Review Discussion – Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production
  • Example shoot – Producer owning a production company
  • Example shoot – Producer hired at a Network to produce content
  • Example shoot – Producer/Owner producing a large campaign for a Large Brand with an Ad Agency
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Meet our expert

  • Pete Guzzo

    Pete Guzzo understands the realities and challenges of this market’s clients. He values long-term relationships with clients who share the same passion for great strategic work, no matter what the budget.  
    Pete is a creative with unlimited vision. The space from which he works best is outside of the creative box. He always looks to expand his horizons and constantly seeks creative challenges.
    Pete has forged an eclectic career from behind the camera. He has quickly catapulted to success through a variety of production experiences as an Executive Creative, Executive Producer, Commercial Director and Indie Film Director, winning numerous and substantial global awards.
    Pete’s creativity continues away from his production work. He creatively challenges himself by coming up with new, ambitious workout routines, grilling new recipes on his smoker, or volunteering to produce PSAs for non-profit organizations and charities.
    Pete’s Experience
    15 years in commercial, original content, broadcast television and new media productions
    13 years as a Creative Producer and Director
    11 years as an Executive Producer and Creative Lead at a boutique production company
    10 years producing and directing broadcast/TV network content
    15 years creating and managing non-profit productions
    Produced more than 100 combined short-form and long-form productions
    Collaborated with marketing firms, in-house brands, advertising agencies, production companies and broadcast television networks
    Pete’s rich background and elevated production experience ensure that he has nurtured and grown many client relationships with advertising agencies and their clients, reaching and even exceeding their financial goals and marketing results.


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