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Special Effects Makeup Bundle

This bundle includes both the Special Effects (fx) Makeup Level 1 and Special Effects (fx) Makeup Level 2

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Bundle Description

Learn how to apply FX makeup from Howl-O-scream makeup artist Hendrickje


Special Effects Makeup can be defined as the use of prosthetic sculpting, molding, casting and painting to create advanced cosmetic effects. Special Effects Makeup can be seen in most popular TV shows and movies and even at conventions and Halloween. It can go from scary movie monsters like werewolves, aliens and zombies to changing someones appearance to look younger, older, and different Special facial features or weight.

In this bundle combining Special effects makeup Levels 1 and 2, you will be led by Hendrickje (pronounced Hen-Dree-Ka) Matthews, a professional makeup artist, who has been in the industry for over 20 years. She will start off the course with the basics of special effects makeup from a cheek gash to slit throat to a zombie!! Then she will go over fantasy makeup, masculine and feminine skull makeup, animal makeup and end with makeup removal. This course will teach the exciting and creative intricacies of creating Special Effects Makeup and get you started on your career as an FX artist!


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